Prenatal Consultation

Prenatal Consultations in Easton & Bethlehem, PA

Dr. Ramesh Kadewari and his supportive staff are here and ready to answer any questions you may have during your prenatal consultation. Available at two convenient locations, Easton & Bethlehem, PA, the staff of Pediatric Medical Center of Lehigh Valley welcome you to visit.

What Is a Prenatal Consultation?

As you near your third trimester, you focus on what life will be like with your new addition. Part of your planning should involve a visit to our pediatrician's office. Forming a strong connection with the staff and doctor will be essential in offering your child quality wellness care.

What To Ask The Pediatrician

As with any doctor's appointment, you should plan before your appointment. Your time and our staff are limited, so making a list of questions you want answers to is a good idea. Here are some sample questions that you could use during your visit.

  • What are the clinic's operating hours? And do you have an after-hours number for care? Knowing the basics, such as hours, location, and who to call in an emergency during non-work hours.
  • What education has our pediatrician had?

Ask about educational experience and certifications our doctor may hold and if our doctor is board-certified or has a specialty.

  • Do we accept your insurance?

Check with the front desk. You can also ask for a list of service costs if necessary.

  • What is our philosophy of care and viewpoints on certain things, including immunizations and mental health treatment?

Our pediatric practice, in Easton and Bethlehem, PA, Pediatric Medical Center of Lehigh Valley, ensures that you and our pediatrician, Dr. Kadewari, are on the same wavelength regarding these critical issues.

  • How long has our pediatrician been in practice?

You may have a preference for the amount of experience in a pediatrician.

  • How long is the typical visit?

Does the practice accommodate sick visits if my child needs your doctor's attention for an illness or injury? Are sick visits seen in a different part of the clinic?

Comfort Care For Your Child

Setting up care for your child before they are born will make the continuum of care smoother as you transition from the hospital to home life with your new baby and allow you peace of mind when you have questions about newborn care.

Our doctor is excited to begin a health journey with your child from day one through age 18-21, ensuring that your child receives the highest-quality health care possible.

Call Dr. Kadewari today in Easton, PA, at (610) 252-3042 and Bethlehem, PA, at (610) 861- 8830 to schedule prenatal consultations at our two convenient locations. The Pediatric Medical Center of Lehigh Valley staff looks forward to your call.

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