Developmental Delay

Treatment for Developmental Delay in Easton & Bethlehem, PA

As your child grows up, there are different developmental milestones that they’ll reach at different ages of their lives. If your child is slightly behind, there isn’t usually anything to worry about and your Dr. Ramesh P. Kadewari can help you oversee these developments and if there’s anything your child needs to meet their milestones. As this continues, you may notice that your child is still not developing the skills that they should for their specific age. These are developmental delays and can affect different areas of your child’s life. It’s important to work with your Dr. Ramesh P. Kadewari to provide any extra care that your child might need to thrive and live their best life with these delays.

Dealing With Developmental Delays

Child development happens at different speeds and it’s important that you aren’t comparing your child to others or worrying if they’re slightly behind.  Dr. Ramesh P. Kadewari and the Pediatric Medical Center of Lehigh Valley staff will help you monitor their delays and let you know if there are any concerns. When your child starts experiencing significant delays, then additional steps may be needed. There are different aspects of your child’s life that can be affected by developmental delays. Delays can impact areas such as:

  • Motor function
  • Speech and language
  • Cognitive development
  • Play
  • Social skills

Developmental delays could be caused by conditions like Down syndrome, trauma to the brain, infections, exposure to toxic substances, or food and environment deprivation. It’s crucial that these issues are identified and that your child is able to receive the proper care that they need. Once appropriate adjustments are made, they may start to reach their developmental milestones at their own pace.

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